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Hi everyone. I've just registered and this is the first forum of this kind I'm a part of, nice to have a place to get started on guitar building.

I have a question. I've been building a telecaster kind of guitar, but with standard hardware (not telecaster-y) including two humbuckers and a hardtail fixed bridge.


When I made the neck pocket I realised it's not deep enough (should be 15 or so millimeters, and it's about 12), so the strings sit on all the frets and make no sound. Do you think it would be wise to add a neck angle by, say, gluing wood into the neck pocket? Or should I try something else?


I didn't made the neck pocket per se, my guitar is made from three layers of wood, so I just cut the neck space on the top layer.

Thanks in advance, hope to get into this kind of stuff.

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Thanks for the answer! I didnt know you could shim a bridge but now it seems logical.


Do you think it's advisable to add a shim on the top screws? I don't know if there are consequences to having the neck on a forward angle, I've only seen them angled as they are on TOM bridges

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Ah, I see what you mean. Honestly, I have not seen that either. If it is not too extreme, it would give a result similar to adjusting the truss rod to create a little relief by adding upbow. That shouldn't be a problem as long as your neck is seated well. What kind of bridge are you using? I assume the saddles are all ready adjusted as high as possible?

Another option occurs to me, and it may be your best bet. You can reduce the thickness of the heel on your neck, allowing it to sit lower in the pocket.


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It's a chinese fixed hardtail bridge from ebay. Yes the saddles are all the way up. The option of reducing the heel of the neck scares me because of what could go wrong haha. I think I'll try to go with the shim on the bridge, thanks a lot for your help!

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