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1985 Ibanez DT250 Finish Experiment MkIII

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This is the guitar I was trying to find a work around for an action problem I had grown tired of dealing with.  After I had removed some wood from the neck pocket and tremolo route, I decided that I really did not like how the guitar looked.  Really I had just watched the Crimson Guitars video on Shou Sugi-Ban finish method and I thought it was an interesting method of finishing ( Read: Looks FUCKING Cool and fun ).  Being the methodical person I am went and looked at how it was really done, as Ben's videos on the subject aren't as serious as I would like.

I watched this video as well as reading what I could find over a couple days online.  On how to properly attempt the finish.  It is a modified Oil Finish and you must use your oil to build up past the charred wood that brushing did not remove.  I usually apply 3-4 coats oil to a guitar before applying wax and has been good for me in the past.  This finish took around 11-12 oil applications. before my wiping rag stopped picking up black residue.

I do like the finish method.  I would like to see if color can be applied after charring and add to the technique, or enhance what appears.  I have seen other builders sand the surface smooth prior to oiling, but in my opinion, the texture is important to the technique.  Otherwise, the Japanese would sand their cedar siding prior to oiling.

I took these photos this evening when I got home from work so framing and colors aren't perfect.  Mainly to give an idea of that the finish looks like up close as you can zoom fairly well into these. 







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