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My sons new guitar...with pic...

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This is my first guitar project since I joined this forum, and it is you guys that inspired me to start making gutars again.

My son of 9 years have been nagging that he wanted his own electric. So in November i visited a local auction, and managed to make a winning bid on a Steinberger licensed Hohner guitar with a broken neck for 38 dollars.

No hardware was missing, and the pickups was included - So i think it was a bargain deal.

I dumped the body and the neck, and made a new one-piece neck/body in some flamed maple (medium flame), that I have had around for about 20 years. The maple has been to narrow for using in a guitar until now, as it was the exact size for this project.

I also made a matching pickguard also in flamed maple, and the fingerboard is ebony. I just oiled the guitar, but maybee I should have stained it a bit to lift out the maple more.

It took a while to finish the guitar, since I haven't done this for 20 years, but in the end it turned out great, and my son is very pleased with hos own guitar (light and easy to bash around for a nine year old), even if he did not get it in time for X-mas.

The guitar has a very bright tone (due to the all maple design), but with plenty of sustain (the one-piece construction might have added some to the sustain).

The only thing that needs improvment is the pickups. The EMG Select is not the best pickups on the block, and I will keep my eyes open for something better.


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Hey Vendel, if it's not too much hassle I'd like to see a pic of the back of this babe, especially how you shaped the neck joint (well, if it's 1 piece there is no joint, but you know what I mean...) Because I was thinking about a one-piece construction and was wondering about stability issues. Looks killer from the front tho with the all maple pickguard and stuff.

so long


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did you fret her by your lonesome? Because thats gotta be hard to do 20 years later...

Nonsense....if you were able to to a good fret job 20 years ago then you are able to do one today. Vendelcrow built great guitars judging by the pictures and was a good luthier, so maybe he'll have to think about fretting a little first to remeber some details, but he surely should be able to do it well still. You don't loose your ability at something you were already good at....

Great looking guitar btw. Vendelcrow!!!!

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The fretting was not a big problem, I still had all the tools from way back then. When I had my small custom guitar store I made a lot of refrets, and it is like riding a bike, once you learned it, it stays.

The tuners are integrated in the tremelo, that can be locked down. I locked it, cause the trem arm was missing.

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Ooh! Very nice! ...and I'm a hardcore Steinberger/headless fan :D. I've got a couple of Duncans in mine (Distortion and 59N.) The "muddiness" of the Distortion kinda makes up for the maple brightness I suppose. MusicYo seems to be out of R-trem arms. The talk on the Steinberger mailing list seems to be "any day now" for the parts.

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For a 9 yo? Lucky kid to have such a beautiful axe to play.  :D

Guitar Ed


beautifull work any kid would be proud to own, once he gets a bit older he can just swap the pickups and get a new fret job... i can see that guitar getting decades of use :D

but i agree, MORE PICS!!!!! B)

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MusicYo seems to be out of R-trem arms. The talk on the Steinberger mailing list seems to be "any day now" for the parts.

Vendelcrow, in case you're interested in getting that trem arm, I just got an update from the Steinberger mailing list: parts "... are now officially on order and scheduled for a late March arrival."

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Wow you very good father...

when my daughter grow up. i will make she's own guitar....

good ....

my baby's guitar plan is that..



look like duck... ^^

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Thanks for the offer nyjbkim.

I asked my son if he would like a trem arm, but he said that he can do without it for the time being.

In the future maybee, if he keep up his guitar playing interest.

Anyhow, thanks.

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and i wonder.... is there anyhow to get one of those headless system separately, i seem to have found one in a spanish web page, but it doesn't even look nice and costs 300$.

any idea??

you just left me willing to own one :D

check musicyo.com from time to time to see if they have any steinberger parts. they used to have the r-trem, s-trem and transtrem for sale...

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