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So seasons greetings guys. 

Well, I've been a bit quite for a while. Real life always intervenes, but contrary to expectations, the last two acoustics I was working on got finished and have been farmed out to mates to test drive. For some reason I lost the appetite to continue taking pics along the way. Something that I guess I'm now regretting a bit because more than anything else they help me remember lessons learned. 

Here are a couple of pics of the latest 6 string I'm building. No wonky frets this time, this ones going to be fairly regular, though I am playing around with different a couple of different ways of doing things. ....

1st  - using a bending machine. Effortless and totally scorch free. Given the lack of a fancy drum sander, I also tried thicknessing with a router on a sled. got down to about 2.1mm then finished off with the sandy sandy machine. Thumbs up here on both counts. 


2nd - floating braces on the back with ladder bracing and a mix of x and fan bracing on the top. The logic with the floating braces ia that they will stop any movement or twisting to the ladder braces over time and I think allow them to go thinner. Which is good. I think. The fan bracing is a total shot in the dark. These pics were taken before the box was closed up. Since getting the top on, it makes all the right noises, so I'm hopeful. Again, this bracing is lighter than martin style bracing.  All bracing was added to the sides before the top and back were glued. The only thing I would change to the way I did it here would be to glue top first - extra opportunity to voice and simpler to clamp down. WP_20171125_15_13_35_Pro.thumb.jpg.f826e78dc770c7560ad7da547926725c.jpg


3rd - shellac the inside before closing. What a revelation. nice and shiney, plus the dust doesn't grab into the back. 


We'll see how this one turns out.

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