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Seriously though, it's great to log back in to PG and read through the last 6 months of cool builds! In the interim, I've been building a lot, switched schools and job, and have been generally going nonstop. This year though, I'm going to make it a priority to take time and engage with people and communities that I care about, and I look forward to what 2018 has in store!

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So I'll kick this thread off with a guitar I just finished today! It's a multiscale Wayfarer 6 with some of the coolest ash I've found yet.

Ash body
Pau ferro neck and fretboard
25-26" multiscale
Elysian Pickups Hellfire with Alnico 8 mag
Hipshot bridge and tuners
Jescar stainless steel fretwire
Odie's Oil finish












I've been playing with a really fun finish for my other current project, I'll post more details and pics on that one tomorrow.

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Thank you so much! Thankfully, there wasn't any hurricane damage to speak of in my area, I'm just serially bad at keeping up with stuff like this :)

So, on to my other build of the moment. Same model as above, but with a fully bound katalox neck and ebony fretboard, mahogany body, and figured ash top with more binding. Here's a quick mockup: 



The finish will be black dyed ash (no sandback) with metallic silver pore fill, like so:



I'm aiming to have the body sanded and ready for finish by Friday morning, and will take pics of the entire finish process.

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3 hours ago, KnightroExpress said:

with a fully bound katalox neck

How did you find the katalox to work with? I've got a katalox center lam in the neck I'm working on right now. I found it super hard, and fairly heavy and it appears to polish pretty well. It was a very deep dark brown when I bought it, but once cut the inside was lighter and purplish.


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