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Single Coil (N) / Series / Single Coil (S) Switch


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I have a bit of an odd experiment that I want to try out for my next guitar. For it to work in the best possible way, I really need to be able to switch between single coil (n), series and single coil (s) on each of three dual rail pickups.

Ideally, this would be done using three on/on/on mini-toggle switches. I can see how simple it would be to connect the switches to select single coil (n) and (s) but it doesn't seem possible to offer the series option without interfering with the single coil options with it being necessary to connect the coils together.

I have a couple of weeks before I plan to start on a kind of low-tech prototype but if anybody has any suggestions, I'd be grateful as it might save me a great deal of frustration.


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What you want to use is an on-off-on mini toggle to short out (bypass) the unwanted coil. When in the centre position neither coil is shorted out and the whole humbucker as operated with both coils in series as normal. Moving the switch to either extreme places a short around one coil, allowing the remaining coil to be connected to the output.

The section labelled 'SPDT Center OFF Switch' on this page shows how it's done.

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Wow! That is enormously simpler than I could ever have imagined. Thank you so much.

I do feel a little foolish because I ought to have got out of the habit of thinking that short circuits were always a bad idea when I had spent months looking for a nice looking push normally on/momentary off switch to cut the signal as a kill switch then realised that actually shorting it out was just as effective if not preferable for some reasons.

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