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push pull pot boost - hope you like it!


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just thought I'd share something in case someone can use it...

This is a very nice boost, small footprint, that can be mounted in a guitar.  the pcb is designed to mount on an alpha (pcb lugs) 100k push pull pot (you could mount it on a 2PDT + pot) that is easily aquired on the net(Fee Bay).   

NOTE: Since the orig circuit calls for a 5K rev log pot (impossible to find as a push pull) the layout shows a 4.7k resistor from lug 3 to lug 2 on the pot to bring its' value down to 4.4k.  This makes the pot feel a bit more touchy than the original but I found it acceptible.  Note that the pot will 'KRACKLE' when you turn it but that's "OK"!

also note that the .1 uf cap will sit between the push/pull part and the pot - on the board - I used a box cap and I don't think I even needed to bend it over to make it fit - your results may vary.

Hope you can find this usefull!



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