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Restoring an old guitar.

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I want to restore an old guitar - it was the first electric guitar I ever had, and I used to love playing it.  I don't know much about it - here's what I think I know.

It's an Encore guitar - I believe an E76S from 1992, and it needs some tender love and care.  It's missing a saddle from the bridge - but I can't seem to find a replacement bridge  - or set of saddles - anywhere.

The saddles appear to be 9.9mm wide, and the bridge is a tremelo style bridge - 6 mounting screws to the body - the distance between the top and bottom screw is 48.96mm.

I've already bought a set of saddles from ebay - only they were too wide for the bridge.

Any ideas how I'm supposed to measure a bridge to find a suitable replacement, or where I might get a replacement from?





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You could always buy a set of six generic cheapie folded steel saddles from ebay like these with 10.5mm string spacings, and carefully file each edge to remove the excess 0.25mm from the sides so that all six fitted. Maybe apply some clear lacquer to the edges to slow down any corrosion where the plating would be removed after filing.

If it doesn't work out, at worst you've only blown a handful of quid, or you could just drop down another couple of sheckles and try again.

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