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Jackson Guitar Wiring


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Hey guys,

I recently dug up my brother's old guitar, but there doesn't seem to be any output. I've tried switching to both pickups and messing with the volume. The wiring doesn't seem to be right. I have no idea, forgive me for sounding like noob. I've attached a photo. Can this be fixed with simple soldering? Thanks in advance!



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I assume the switch is just a 3-position, bridge/both/neck arrangement?

You'll need to strip both red and yellow cables back. I suspect you'll end up with a braided outer conductor and an insulated centre conductor on each. The braid solders to the back of the volume pot (or tone pot if it's easier).

Judging by your pic, the red is the bridge pickup and the yellow the neck. There is also what looks like two short wire stubs still attached to the left and right of the switch - remove them, but leave the bridges where they jumper between two adjacent terminals.

Take the centre conductor of the red cable and solder it to where the red wire stub was removed from the switch.

Take the centre conductor of the yellow cable and solder it to where the other wire stub (clear? silver?) was removed from the switch.

If the switch operates back-to-front, swap the centre conductors from the red and yellow cables.

I can only go by the pic you've taken, so take this advice for what it's worth.

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