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Polishing only or full fret job?


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I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this question, but here goes: on my current build, I have zero fret buzz, rattle or note outs, I think the frets are properly level, but some are rough (me thinks the seller went too Gung Ho with the Dremmel tool to relic the neck), string bending feels like I'm bending over a rasp!

Full fret level/crowning/polish, crown and polish or just polish? 

I have a fretboard straightedge, 9.5" radiused blocks, a diamond fret leveler, multiple grades of sandpaper and a crowning file/fretboard protector being delivered today...oh yeah, and a sharpie and plenty of masking tape...

There was a YouTube tutorial of a luthier using a diamond fret leveler to level his frets; but I can't find it anymore!  Do i need to do a full fret job, or is just a polishing enough?

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I would have thought polishing would be enough. Levelling should be used to correct significant height issues between adjacent frets that would otherwise cause buzzing or fretting out. Because you're not experiencing these problems my gut instinct is to treat it as if a levelling and crowning has just been performed and the frets require the surface scraches removed to complete the job. Working your way up through the wet and dry grits from 400/600/800/1200/2000+ and then polish with the mini buffing wheel would be the way I'd approach it.

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