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Hi, this is my first post on this site so I apologize if this topic is misplaced. I'm building a custom RG and I am going to use the Gotoh ge1996t bridge, but i can't find the routing dimensions for the actual cavity. Does anyone know these dimensions or have a link to a plan? Or does anyone know for sure if it will fit in a OFR cavity?

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Compare the critical dimensions of the two bridges - the overall length (excluding the saddle locking posts), the overall width of the baseplate, the width/length of the tail extension and the distance on the baseplate before it transitions to the narrower tail extension:

Gotoh GE1996T dimensions

OFR dimensions

They're close enough to within 1 or 2mm in any dimension, with the exception of the tail extension which appears to be 4.5mm longer on the Gotoh. However the saddle locking posts in the OFR drawings appear to be longer than the Gotoh, so the length discrepancy between the two bridges may cancel out.

Floyd Rose publish routing plans for the OFR on their website. If you compare this to the OFR bridge, they provide plenty of clearance on any dimension for the bridge. By extension, this should also cover the Gotoh bridge too. You may have to make the route for the tail extension slightly longer than the dimension specified in the OFR routing plan, but I'd personally treat that on an as-needs basis once I had the bridge in my hands to measure conclusively before committing the router to timber.



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