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Veneering thin panels and warp: opinions wanted


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This thread didn’t seem to have a perfect place... but since it’s about process and materials this section seemed least-wrong.

If you were to go about making a veneered pickguard what materials would you use to minimize things like warping? My first inclination would be to use epoxy as the glue and to veneer it onto standard pickguard material, roughed up to enhance adhesion,

To complicate the question: what if this ‘pickguard’ were to only ever be seen from the front, never the back or even sides? Would that change you selection of substrate? Would you then pick, say, a thin 3-ply plywood? Would you use wood glue instead of epoxy? Would you sand off one ply face and replace it with the veneer to ensure you kept the odd-number-of-plys, with alternating grain directions, rule going?

I’m brewing an idea and getting thin, stable, veneered panels will be key...


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