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It seems I'm becoming a Luthier...


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I just spent another packet at StewMac. So I ask myself, I just want to make a few guitars, do I really need this stuff?

Oh the pain!

Spending hours trying to make do with home made gear and botching things up. The little voice in my head kicks in..."just buy that thing from StewMac"........Ahh, okay

WHAT! - its Two Hundred Dollars? ..............."just buy it"........................"and that thing..............and a few of those"

Now its nearly Seven Hundred Dollars..........oh the pain

......."just buy it"

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Yep already have some timber and enough hardware for about a dozen guitars - or do I?

I am amazed how dumb I can be sometimes. I get a guitar close to being finished then realise "Oh I need an output jack" or a toggle switch, or just some wire to connect it. One time I was chucking some strings on and, "Oh couldn't wait to hear what this baby sounds like" then I realise there's no nut. So I go looking through my box of goodies and "Where are my Nuts?" I haven't got any Nuts!

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