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Bridge post spacing

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Is there a standard bridge post spacing? I'm using a Saga kit as my first attempt at a  piezoelectric hybrid using a Graphtech Ghost T-O-M. The predrilled bridge post holes are too close together. What's the beast fix for this? The guitar will be around  for a while so I want it to look nice.


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3 hours ago, Jude said:

Is there a standard bridge post spacing?

No, there are all sorts

I would try to return it and get an exact replacement but it seems all the Graphtech bridges have a post spacing of 2 29/32"

The only thing I can think is to fill the post holes and drill new ones. Depending on the difference in spacing you might be able to just do one. As long as it doesn't throw the bridge too far off-centre

But to do that requires a lot of effort. The post holes have to be the right distance apart and also the correct angle, perpendicular to the line of the string is best. If you tried to drill the holes with a regular drill and drill bits, it would wander off-centre because you're drilling into end-grain. I use a Laminex trimmer for things like this and use it like a plunge router, but I've had 30 or 40 years experience at using tools like this and come up with my own inventions

Here is a recent attempt of mine to drill fret dots with a Laminex trimmerIMG_2927.thumb.JPG.d8514227b5cba0b14a0d451fba5346b4.JPG

After a few botched attempts I wrapped a large hose clamp on as a depth gauge


To locate the centre I have an old trimmer with an old router-bit ground to a point. I locate the trimmer, tighten the clamps up then swap the trimmer over

I would use the same process to re-drill post holes for a bridge


Just for the record I still botched the fret dots, some are too high some are too low - LOL

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