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I am building my first 8string and first laminated neck. I am happy using hand tools, and take great pride in planing wood square and smooth by hand. However, I just finished gluing up the neck of my current build and am beginning to worry about the rip sawing that is going to be required for the rough cutting of the neck profile. It will have to be by hand.....I don't have a band saw. Any comments and advise on how to proceed would be gratefully received. The blog on the build can be reviewed here. Thanks for any advise.



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The final taper and straightness of the neck is rarely obtained straight off the bandsaw. Usual practice for most folks would be to rough cut the neck using whatever means you have available (handsaw, jigsaw, bandsaw etc) and then finalise the rough edge perfectly straight using a router following a straightedge of some sort or handplanes.

Depending on your construction method and assembly order, you can use the fretboard you attach to the neck blank as the straightedge template for the router to follow when trimming the neck edges to the final taper and straightness.

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I still cut my necks to rough thickness with a handsaw (no bandsaw for me either :) ). Then I do some cleanup with a spindle sander and a fence. Recent plan is to follow that with a router in a "thicknessing jig" to get the thickness within ~1mm of the target before carving the profile (like @KnightroExpress is doing for example).

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