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The waiting game


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I haven't been getting much work lately so I just sit around musing over the Stewart McDonald website entertaining myself, but now and then I think "Hmmm I could use some Hook-up wire, Hmm I could do with some more pots... I've clocked up close to two grand on the black plastic card in my wallet and now I'm just sitting around waiting for it to arrive. SMD is pretty good but -

One thing I purchased which is most annoying is JUST some STRINGS from a supplier who only sells guitar strings. They are out of stock of some DMs I ordered. Its been over three weeks now and I'm wondering if Dean Markley Signature nickel steel are still in production

I'm just wondering is anyone else is in the same boat?

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Well kinda in ur boat i went thru a music store to order my parts for my build everything could have beennorded from stewmac shows up st the same time...well not so they oreded from a few different suppliers to findnout it will b a month or more to get my floyd well from Korea sure it should haave been in stock in canada but nope so i hurry up and wait for things coming from all over...i will be making my own orders from now on....good luck with your strings

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My CC has had a hammering since I started building a year ago. I would struggle to figure out how much I've spent on tools and materials, I know it's less than my salary - mortage, that's it :D

I also struggle with parts, no one supplier ever has everything I need for a build, so end up getting some things from ebay, northwest guitars, tonetech, thomann, amazon etc. Wood is always something I end up waiting an age for, especially from ebay sellers abroad. 

I've bought parts from stumac before, but never again. Shipping to the UK is expensive, it takes minimum of 3 weeks to arrive, then there is the import duty on top. So I try and stick to UK/EU sellers where I can. I've also done an emergency wood order to keep me tied over while Brexit turmoil ensues. If it all goes t!ts up, I'll be in my garage until it all blows over :D


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