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Fender Fat strat deluxe


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Hello! I've been offered a Fender Fat Strat Deluxe for sale by a local guitar shop here in Manchester... but I've a real funny feeling all is not as it seems! Infact I'm pretty sure the guy is actually trying to 100% blag me! He wants 500 quid for it. Its a sunburst with a maple neck and I have to say in really nice condition... however... I've had a play on it and though it plays fine I have a real nagging doubt this thing started out as a squire and has been modded through time! He is saying its only a couple of years old and its condition would testify to that but I'm wondering if there is any way to check the serial numbers to authenticate its genuine? I dont know exactly why I'm thinking this... its just a gut feeling. He has three in stock and to be honest if I was a sceptical kind of guy I'd say he had gone out and bought squires and basically done a couple of mods to them! I wouldnt buy it anyway as I've had a couple of fenders and I'm really over that... although I'm not knocking the guitar itself its a personal thing... But I hate it when people are getting ripped off!!!! If someone actually went and bought it and found out later its gonna be a real stinger for them! So yeah any help or advice would be appreciated. He isnt a licenced fender dealer either yet he claims to be one! I hate con men! :D


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Go and see it again and take down some details and post them here.

Serial number?

Type of machine heads? ...... be really specific.

Type of strap buttons? ......rounded edges or vintage cone style?

Type of String trees on the headstock?...and how many? 1 or 2?

Type of logo on the headstock?........spaghetti style or newer modern silver logo?

Where was the axe made......USA Or Mexico?

Type of Tremelo............vintage or standard 2 post with cast matte silver saddles?

Neck plate marking?

The list goes on. Better still, take a digi cam into the shop and fire off a couple of pics while he's no looking.

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Well as it turned out I was right. I took a friend of mine called John Roadhouse who actually has a fender dealership in Manchester down to have a look with me today... there fakes... total rubbish! So we asked the guy and he clammed up right away. Anyways as we walked back past the shop they had mysteriously dissapeared! Just goes to show you cant be too careful sometimes!

Thanks for all the help guys!


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