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Tiny bit of background.    I inherited my fathers laser cutting business and when my son wanted to build his own guitar we looked around for templates and didn't like what we saw.   I ended up getting the blue prints for various models and creating my own templates and then made some for friends and then ended up selling them on EBay.    (Smoke-Wood is my EBay name)  The profit's are minimal and pretty much just support my mom by paying the property taxes on her house and shop.  (believe it or not).

Anyway, I am always looking to expand and have some idea's for cutting Fret Templates and pickup templates out of acrylic.    Before I do so I'l like to  make sure they work for people and get feedback,  similar to what I did with the guitar templates.

If there are any accomplished Luthieries (sp) out there that would like to work with me send me a note.   I cannot afford to pay you for your time, but I will send you free templates and definitely listen to your advise.

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Number 1 piece of advice: not all DXF/PDF plans found online can be trusted. Whenever I'm using them I always find myself having to mod/fix them. This isn't a big deal if you're not worried about aftermarket parts being compatible... but if you're doing templates for Fender-style guitars this becomes a big deal. Before selling I'd buy parts to make sure that they actually work with whatever you're cutting out.

My $0.02,


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