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Ken Lawrence Explorer CNC with actual dimenshions?


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There's no such thing as a "CNC file" unless you have generated one using CAM software for your specific setup. CAD files can provide the basis for CAM work, however I am unaware of any "genuine" Ken Lawrence plans available. There are a good many plans which are just as good however, but to get a genuine KL Explorer you really need to ask Ken himself. Everything else will be an approximation, so it depends on what you would consider accurate. If you need 2D CAD generating for subsequent CAM work, PM me and we can find a way forward. CAD engineer rates apply of course.

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I'm new to this forum so forgive me on anything I may mix up. 

I am trying to get ahold of plans (approximate is absolutely fine) for an MX250 so that I can attempt to build one. I've been searching a bit and have had a hard time finding them online or finding someone who actually has or has made fairly accurate plans. I have some Gibson explorer plans (and an actual Gibson explorer for reference), But it's obviously not the same. If you are willing to share your plans, that would be awesome! 

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No no, don't worry about that. Everybody's new at some point you know?

You won't get plans for an MX-250 as such. From what I recall, ESP copied the Gibson Explorer for the MX guitars however it seems they vary? I can't vouch for any Gibson plans out there as many are a little flaky, however I am sure they exist. The MX simply hasn't been documented on that level. The EXP on the other hand was a bit different. I have an LTD EXP plus a self-built white EXP made with a set neck that was copied from this directly. Some plans out there are reasonable with a few flaws. My own EXP was made by templating straight from the LTD rather than documenting it in CAD. I've thought about doing it for some time, however I don't tend to do this unless I'm building that instrument and I have a lot on my plate as it is without adding an Explorer onto it! haha

I'm sure that I can detail certain dimensions. The MX is not the same as the EXP though, just to make that clear. It seems that the MX is different to the Gibson Explorer also though. There's something new.

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