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Break and fix a PAF


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very interesting idea.

I have broken several cheap humbuckers trying to break them apart to use as dummy coils.  Would love any advice on how not to break those damn delicate wires!  was just trying to wrap them around a piece of wire and solder it so I could then tape them up... but time after time I would break the pickup wire and I would lose one end as it broke off right up at the coil and now I can't find it.

anywho, cool beans!

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Dimarzio's have the wires taped up and tucked between the coils. I imagine all pickups do this. You carefully pull them out and take off the tape



But sometimes you get this.........



I was lucky with this one, I found the wire straight away


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in answer - yes avoid a ball of really fine wire when I get frustrated and proceed to dismantle a pickup!

your last pic... that's where I've been... right there.  if you break that wire at the point where it goes 'behind' the coils... it's over.  Every time I've been at that point... and I tried to delicately wrap that fragile wire around some other wire and solder... I would break it.  Damn you sausage fingers!!!!!!  hair actually is harder to break.

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that's what ALWAYS happens to me.  If you remove the tape and get to the wires that's one thing... but once I'm at the point where I have to add wire... I've never been able to do it.  I suppose a bright idea might be to drill two small holes in the bobbin, put a piece of copper wire through and use that to hold the pickupwire.   then solder it.  I freq use dummy coils and hubucker coils are nice and low profile so I've put them under another pickup in a bass.  Unfortunately it's about 50/50 whether I'm going to succeed or just ruin another humbucker! 


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