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Piezo UST volume variation

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I have two acoustic guitars with Piezo under-saddle pickups, one with an LR Baggs Element and the other a Fishman Prefix-T, and the LR Baggs is much louder. I have to turn up the amp quite a bit with the Fishman

I have checked that the saddle is seated properly and it could require further attention but I thought I would ask;

Is it normal for Piezo UST's to vary like this?

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The bridge on the Gibson was tilted due to a loose fit, so I made a new bone saddle for it and spent a bit of time making sure it is seated properly. Its hard to tell if there is improvement but the Washburn is still louder

Now I was mucking around with them the other day unplugged and it seems the Washburn is much louder accoustically, so perhaps that is part of the equation

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