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Tutorial for making dyes

Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

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your guitar looks nice,librero

the way i see it is this...this site is called PROJECT GUITAR

that means that it is,in fact,open to any experiments you desire to share,including rolling on paint,using food colors,minwax polycrilic finishes,anything you can think of to try.....

BUT the problem is if you imply it is a proffesional method...or intend to sell it without enough testing...or whatever...if you say,"check this out...i used food coloring and it made a very nice finish"(like yours librero),"i don't know how well it will hold up,but if you want to try it for fun,here is how i did it"then that is great

when you say "hey,i have a cheaper method for making dyes of as high a quality as anything you can buy in the market"then that is pushing it...i mean,it really is still in the experimental stages...i see no mention anywhere else of making a stable glaze coat out of food coloring and minwax polycrilic...or the chemistry behind it.

there are people on here recomending a claw hammer to extract bridge inserts,rather than using the proper pulling tool that soapbar posted a picture of a while back...9 times out of 10,you will get it set up right and pull it without damage...but then something will slip or your protection wasn't as good as you thought and BAM! guitar refinishing time

there is a certain responsibility when you give advice to try to cover all the cons as well as the pros...just try to keep that in mind

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

Which is where I made my mistake. I never intended to make it appear professional, but the fact remains I did. All apologies.

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