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Wilkinson hot pickups wiring


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Topic and post number 1 for me 🙂

I have just purchased a pair of Wilkinson hot humbuckers to upgrade a guitar I have just bought.

I am also fitting stereo jack and kill switch but they are simple.

The issue I have is I have read wilkinsons are wired differently to seymores but I have no wiring diagram

Wire colours are same as seymore apart from a big shielded black which im taking as bare





Big black

Can anyone confirm weather the below is correct for my wilks same as duncans

Ant help greatly appreciated 




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There's no guarantee that Wilkinson's wiring scheme will match any other big name manufacturer's. They all use their own conventions.

If you have a pickup that you can find absolutely no useful information about, you're going to have to resort to some analysis using a multimeter. This page/video shows how it is done:

Failing that, your other recourse is to install it how you think it should match a particular wiring code and see how it sounds. If it doesn't work right first go then start the iterative process of swapping wires until it does work.

'Big black' is likely the shield, which will always go to ground.

The remaining four will be each wire from each end of the two humbucker coils. If you can at least get the two pairs established there's only two ways you can wire them so that they buck the hum. Eg, if you can work out that Red/White and Green/Black are a pair, to get a working humbucker it can only possibly be wired as:

  • Red (hot), White+Green (coupled together and heatshrunk), Black (ground); or,
  • Red (hot) White+Black (coupled together and heatshrunk), Green (ground)

One way will give you the proper full output humbucker sound (good!), the other will sound extremely thin and weedy (bad!).

The other two possible permutations on the above ([B hot, Gn+R, W gnd]  or  [B hot, Gn+W, R gnd]) will merely flip the phase of the pickup. Provided you wire both pickups identically this will have zero impact on the outcome.

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Thanks for that

I have attacked with a multimeter and found

Black negative flat side

White positive flat side

Red negative screw side

Green positive screw side

Found thid by finding the pairs then, finding which is positive by swapping wires till meter jumps plus as in the video.


So I'm guessing red and white together

Bare and black to earth (volume pot)

Green to switch 

Does this sound correct

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I have the Wilkinson WVC it comes with five wires one bear a red and white twisted together a green and bear twisted together in a black wire but I can’t find any wiring diagrams for these I am assuming that the green and the bear are twisted together so they are a ground and the black is the lead but in the wiring diagram it shows the green and the Bear as the lead

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