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its been an awful long time since I was on here and I have no idea why! for the last six months I've been working on this guitar. most of which was taken up by cutting out the tiny flowers - all

thanks for that, a bit late for these ones as the hole is already too big and they're going to be push on ones, but a good reference for another time I just couldn't leave it blank now could I?

I tried to drill the centre hole, or rather expand the centre hole that was already there from gluing them up (I used a toothpick to hold them in place), but for whatever reason it drilled off centre,

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i'm really tempted to just smash the stupid thing. its doing my head in. this will be the 7th time (I think) I've sprayed the top. I cannot get it to look even remotely like the back. I might have to just strip the whole thing and start again. 

or smash it. either way i'll pissed off

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well its taken far too long and it doesn't look like I imagined it looking (every time I see a nice pink/purple evening sky i'm annoyed) but I still like it and at least its done. and sounds really nice. even before you plug it in.

the pickup is an old bare knuckle p90 (dont ask which, I cant remember). tuners are graphtech ratio (with buttons I made because I love that shape) which are really nice tuners. bridge is also graphtech with a ghost system. 

anyway, heres some picsDSC_5779.thumb.jpg.e5329406b6159c21907004a7c2cb0bd8.jpg

you can see some remnants of the pink that would NOT come out right at the bottomDSC_5784.thumb.jpg.01b70cae922637e576ba11a3a0bcc243.jpgDSC_5817.thumb.jpg.a0a22624e8edcdcba8304be5025bae21.jpg

you can barely make it out but there are the Japanese characters  'sakura' on the 12th fret (cherry blossom if you didn't know) which was the most fiddly bit of inlay to cut


by the way, the top and back are from the same plank of wood - it cost £25.  not bad for that price!


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