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2 point trem installation

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Hi everyone!

So a couple of months ago my uncle gave me a store bought neck and a basswood guitar body he'd worked on before he retired as a carpenter. So I decided to finish it, and bought a whole load of parts for it, but am only now being able to put any time into the project.

So I chatted through the parts options with my buddy, and bought a 2 point trem (style 3 in the link: http://www.axetec.co.uk/guitar_parts_uk_041.htm) mostly because I hadn't come across the design before, and was curious about having a different bridge to my existing guitars. 

However, I haven't been able to find any decent guides to installing one of these things, especially in how to position it, and how to install the bushings. Accurate tools shouldn't be an issue, as I'm planning on returning it to my uncle so he can do some of the more precise work in his shop, but I obviously want to get the installation here right. It's a fresh body, with no existing holes, so I can't really work from those, but that does at least mean that the strength of the wood isn't compromised at all. I'd appreciate any and all input you can give. Thanks in advance!



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I assume the body already has the routing for a tremolo block and spring cavity?

The drawing on the axetec website already gives you the post spacing (51mm), which should be equidistant either side of the centreline of the guitar (ie, +/- 25.5mm).

I'd probably do a trial installation on a piece of scrap to see where everything sits once the posts are in. Then you can measure the distance from the posts to the saddles to gauge a nominal offset relative to your scale length. After that it should be no different to installing a 6-screw Fender trem, of which there should be plenty of examples out there.

The post inserts should only be a firm press fit. If you need a hammer to get them in, the drill holes are too small; another good reason to do a trial fitting before committing to the actual body.

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