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heads up - pretty good deal on guitar top...

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I hope this isn't inappropriate or stepping on projgtr vendors at all - if so lmk...

I know guitarwoodexperts has been mentioned here by others but just thought I'd 'pass it on'...

they have some neat deals right now... birdseye top 'med grade' 1/4" for $20!  torrified version for $25!  they also have 2A redwood for $25?


dan cook over there is about the nicest guy I've ever dealt with.  I asked "if at all possible - can you pick one with chevron figure"?  He sent me picks and allowed me to pick from 3!  So in short, not only the cheapest in town... but the absolute BEST customer service ever!  $20 in shipping for two tops and a birdseye fretboard so shipping is more than fair too. 

I will post picks when I get them sometime next week.  I just hoped this might qualify as giving back to a community that I am very thankful to have found. 


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as promised...

figured redwood





my take -

both boards seem to be straight with no noticeable bow or cup

the redwood: stands out as stunning to me.  love the color and the figure the most.  light weight. 

the birdseye: in person it's got some really pretty wavy grain lines going up the center.  the board has a lot of light "quilting".  the birdseyes themselves are light in color and all over it.  all of that seems to be washed out in the photo - that's probably on me.  I bet it will really show nice with some dye


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