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Hey, totally new here and to this! I’m going to cut straight to the point.

The other day I made a spontaneous buy off EBay. A Baldwin Epoch Les Paul “ by Gibson” Body only. 

I want to build my next guitar, I’m starting with a low budget and if it turn out good and I’m good at it I’ll make a better more expensive one in the future.

After researching the guitar after buying the body, I noticed a guy in America has actually used this body on a build of his own. He put a telecaster neck onto it which looked great and I’m a sucker for a telecaster. The thing that kept going through my head was “ the scale” I think a telecaster is 648mm and a Les Paul is 628mm?

On a Chinese site I found a telecaster neck which states it 628mm. Can anybody advise me if this will work??


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oh, no - worst possible scenario: newbie answering questions for a newbie... certainly this will end in disaster...


yes, one is 25.5 scale and one is 24.626 scale... er whatever that works out to in your em... MILI  METERS (hehe).

if the tailpiece has been drilled then I'm afraid you are probably out of luck... but given the fact that you are asking about putting a bolt on neck on a gibson style body I'm going to guess this body is not gibson spec.  I'd recommend putting masking tape over relevant body area and drawing a line where the center of the bridge is and measuring to the start of the neck cavity.  then google or measure the distance from the 12th fret of a tele neck in question to the end of its' heel.  those two added together have to add up to half the scale length so in your case 12.75".

long story short... you are probably better off going over to gfs and looking for a lp style bolt on neck.  I wish you the best of luck.

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