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A quick question about 🥜

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Hi, just a quick question. Whilst browsing eBay I have noticed quite a few pre radiused boards with slightly unusual radiuses such as 16 etc. I have noticed that the nut slot depth tends to follow  the radius of the board in these listings. However most nuts that you buy are either flat (on the bottom I mean) or more standard radiuses such as 9.5. Out of curiosity I have looked for nuts with these more unusual radiuses and can’t find any. Could anyone shed any light on this? Is it just a matter of modifying a nut so that it fits nicely in the slot? I would imagine that this would be difficult with a brass nut. Anyway...thoughts? 😀

Whoops! A double post I notice. Apologies!

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don't sweat it.. take a piece of sandpaper about 100 grit (not particularly important) place it on the neck fingerboard then scrub the nut back and forth until you achieve the raidused bottom.... this is a pretty common solution.



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