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Turner Replica wiring advice


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Hi All,

I'm throwing this one to you gurus of building and wiring!

As detailed in my thread in the build area, I'm putting together a replica of a Turner Model 1.

The wiring for it is a bit of a sticking point, while I'm quite experienced in electronics and putting things together as well as reading diagrams etc I'm a bit lost in how to replicate the features on this one, a lot of which seems to be proprietary wizardry!

So anyway, the specs I've gathered are:

  • One high output humbucker pickup (Turner makes these in house I understand)
  • Passive Volume and Tone controls
  • Pickup can be run in passive or active via a toggle switch
  • Boost control for active mode
  • "Semi Parametric" EQ control (This is the real head scratcher)


Any ideas or suggestions? I'd like to get as close to genuine as I can.


Thanks folks!




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1 hour ago, bokchoi77 said:

"Semi Parametric" EQ control

Do a google search for 'variable mid eq schematic' or 'semi-parametric mid eq schematic' or similar. Semi-parametric usually implies that it's variable frequency and variable boost/cut, rather than fully parametric, which will add variable 'Q' to the mix (the 'sharpness' of the boost/cut). The Boss MT2 Metal Zone pedal has an example of semi-parametric mid control, as do the EQ sections of many mixers.

Many bass preamps will include a semi-parametric mid EQ section, but they're probably tailored to bass usage rather than guitar.

If that's getting too complicated, there a a few fixed-frequency mid boost preamps out there by EMG ($$$) and Guitar Fetish ($), amongst others.

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