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yay! I replaced my bearings on a porter cable 6902...


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quite the adventure... just thought I'd share.  any similar experiences?

I bought a pc 6902 with the plunge base on craigslist for $60... but the bearings were about done. 

getting the router out of the plunge base - took me about 3hrs.  after removing all screws and such it wouldn't budge.  chewed up a mallet pretty good but finally got it out. 

learned i would need an impact wrench to get the collet off... found one on cl for $20 and got it off.

got the bottom bearing out... but the top bearing had 'become one' with the spindle.  got a pulley puller from the auto parts store but just bent the arms (cheap $6).  So then I bought a 3" gear puller on amazon for $9.  wouldn't fit due to the girth on the fingers of the puller. 

took the puller apart and ground down the fingers... finally got that b-tard out of there! 

Put it all back together and sweet success.  Runs smooth as silk, no noise, no heat. 

Silver lining: I now have all the tools to do my fixed base 6902.


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