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How to restore the finish on my Gibson voodoo explorer?


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Hi to everyone!

It's not a common queistion here I think, becouse it's mot a project, but maybe you could help me.

I have bought a Gibson voodoo explorer guitar, and it is well known, that the finish by these guitars are not too durable. I want to somehow restore it to the original look. Definiatly won't repaint the whole guitar, only just the problematic parts. As we can see, there is two "separeted" paint job, 1 is painted just black, and the 2nd, these lines (problematic parts) which are black and dark red. These lines whit colours black and red want to repaint. The problem is the method, becouse it's in the same way red and black. How can I resolve these painting? Sorry for my bad english, I hope you have understood what I want to say!

Thanks in advance!






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