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The Wahlgaard II project.

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Wahlgaard means walnut guard in Sweden. The customer is Ragne Wahlquist, guitarist and co-founder of old and well known Swedish metal band Heavy Load, performed a reunion for an album release and several shows across Europe in 2018. Wahlquist means walnut leave in Sweden. My very first build in 1995 was a walnut explorer. So you know what a walnut smell means for me after a year of repairs. A new build. I allways preferred something unusual. This time it's 9-strings baritone solidbody carved top instrument with some interesting wiring ideas. Stay tuned, I'll post every progress step here.

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Nice top! :)

I had a similar cut of walnut with the dark figuring and quilting on one of my acoustics.  Once it was sanded and the finish applied everything just popped out!


I get the feeling yours will come out similarly but with the additional bonus of the devils head :)

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