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A Few New Ones for 2018


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some very nice stuff there.  autumn leaves is the standout for me!  I did a latin version of autumn leaves for "jazz big band" in college and got to hear a whole band struggle to play my arrangement!  haha!  wish I had recorded it!  Anywho, that guitar's name brings back good memories but fortunately for you your guitar is much nicer than my jazz arranging!  Cudos

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Late replies, apologies!

Thanks for the very nice words everyone.

The Iommi Machine really needs to be heard to be believed.

The pickups are the Mini-HB version of the Bill Lawrence L-500 HB's from the late '70's Joliet, Tn run.

Think Dimebag, and you have thought correct. The thing is brutally loud but not sterile.

The mini-hums are pretty much exactly the same as the full-size versions, just in a different format.

I use it (and it was primarily designed for) downtuned material.

The Lawrences are nearly like active's, but better, to me.


Herbsman has all different pickups now, I totally fine-tuned it and dialed it so it also is a monster now.

That guitar has a 24.75" Warmoth (fatback, boatneck, can't remember) conversion neck that I just LOVE.

I have built a few new Steerheads, I'll post them one day.


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