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Wiring options for HSH baritone


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I'm in the middle of new build and before I start drilling holes in the body I was hoping to get some advice and opinions on what scheme to go with. 

Pickups are lace alumatone humbucker at neck,  lace silver sensor at middle. And lace deathbucker at bridge.  Body style is telecaster (maple, rosewood,  and walnut patchwork body,  warmoth neck.

I've looked at freeway switch (10 way) as well as using 3 volume knobs and a master tone, using push pull pots to split coils and switch between series and parallel.

What I don't know is if cutting a pickup volume (say the middle pickup)  will drop the signal from any other pickup further in the signal chain. I.e all pickups wired in series, cut off volume to the middle and the neck cuts off as well. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 



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i believe that if you wire your pickups each going to the middle lug of each vol pot... and the live output to lug 3 on all 3, sending each pickup to ground as opposed to sending the live out to ground... then no.  you won't shut the others off.  this method has it's own downsides in the sense that you loose some highs doing it this way (as I understand it anyway).  If you do it the other way and pickups go to lug 3 and live out to lug2... as you turn down you are sending the live out to ground so all 3 will shut off... but you'll get more highs.

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