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Blonde Glamour Shots...Something old, something new, something blonde, something blue!

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4 hours ago, Andyjr1515 said:

That last photo really brings it out.  It looks lovely :)

thank you sir!  def some subtleties to the top/finish - hard to get pics of.

2 hours ago, ADFinlayson said:

Looks great, I would like to see a closeup of that binding that gave you so much stick 

Thank you AD... will get some sunlight photos this weekend and will try to capture it better.

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finding it difficult to get good pics of this... my wife says I'm not very good at taking pics (sad face).  chin up... here's a shot of the binding up close and some others.

need to get my office in order to work on a video.  this guitar very much turned out 'texas sounding'. 















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2 hours ago, ADFinlayson said:

hot dang, I love the rosewood fretboard + headstock look, good job on bending the veneer, the binding too, it all ties in really nicely. Is this one wired in the same way as blue? 

thank you ad.  yes, this one is the same wiring as the blue but the pickups are a bit less output - 7k to 5.6k instead of 9k - 5.6k.  has a dif (more subtle) booster too.  Very much has an SRV thing going.  I was talking to some guy who works for moonstone guitars and he said they have an upcharge of $300 for body binding... now I know why!  was quite the learning experience. 

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5 hours ago, Bizman62 said:

I'm waiting to hear how she sounds!

thank you sir... I'm workin' on it... need to clean up my office!  currently "not suitable for film" hehe.  probably next weekend I should get a moment to shoot some vid.  thanks for the interest and replies!

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2 hours ago, Mr Natural said:

nice Mike!

Thank you Mr Natural!  I appreciate all the support here. 


I'm going to try to do a video this week as my gear is going to be going through some changes soon... so I hope you'll all give me a listen and some feedback.  cheers

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15 minutes ago, ScottR said:

It's a thousand times easier to make a great looking guitar than it is to take great looking pictures of it.

And that sir, is a great looking guitar!


thank you sir.  means the world to me.  also, couldn't agree more about the pictures... it seems each guitar finish I encounter has a new list of challenges afa taking pictures.  some look better w flash, some without, some look better washed out, some look better dark... I need a live in pro photographer!

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10 hours ago, ADFinlayson said:

Congrats on another GTOM win dude! 2 wins from one build thread, you're on fire 😀🍻


5 hours ago, ScottR said:

Agreed! congrats Mike!



1 hour ago, Bizman62 said:



3 hours ago, Mr Natural said:




thank you gentlemen!  means a lot to me so... thankful.

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