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Anyone have experience using a router on inlay?


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my current build has sort-of-gretsch-style inlays and binding.  I don't want to install the inlay after the binding.  So I'm thinking I'm going to do inlay, then cut through the inlay to do the rabbit for the binding.  I suspect this should be fine with a sharp bit... but wanted to ask if anyone has done it. 

I have replacement inlays so... if one shatters - ok, but I also don't want to damage a bit.  The mop I'm using cuts really easy with a jewelers saw so I'm thinking the router should have no problem cutting thru... but am also concerned about the prospect of ca glue giving in to the forces.

Don't want to have to block sand the inlay channel after inlay either, as it will be white mop on white binding and I'm sure that anything less than a crisp line is going to look like dog poo! 

thanks in advance for your advice.

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Hmm do you mean Gretsch like the half moon style?

If you do, then I think I know what you are saying. If I were doing that, I would route the inlays cavities, make the binding channel, glue in the inlays, then file them flush, then do the binding,. 

My inlay bits are EXTREMELY sharp mill bits, but the reservation you have about routing MOP is probably pretty sound. There would be much friction / heat created and that could be an issue. Creating a straightedge for the router to follow with the fretboard angle could be tricky, plus I always do 1/2 radius, then inlay, then final radius so the router surface wouldn't be flat either.

Hope any of that helps. There's always more than one way to do stuff.

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I cut the mop for build #6 on my band saw so I expect you will be fine. Worst case scenario you could rout the binding channels before inlaying and file the inlays flush with the channel wall before applying the binding.

The smart thing to do though would be to inlay a scrap bit of mop into a bit of scrap wood and stick the router through and see what happens.

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jeez... I thought perhaps I forgot to hit save on this topic... didn't realize I posted in tutorials! 

yes, I meant gretsch style inlay.  the issue with filing/sanding is a binding channel is very shallow and I'm concerned about an imperfect line between the binding/inlay.

bandsaw - I would have thought a bandsaw would shatter mop.  kind of gives me hope.

I suppose the other issue is possible discoloration of the mop w heat.

this mop is pretty thick... easily 1/16".  I think I will take your suggestion and try it on a piece of scrap.

thanks for the replies!

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