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Fixed bridge Tight End R from Ibanez

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i'm building my first own electric guitar and for this, i want to used a fixed bridge. Its more easy to install and adjust. It.s also allows a better transmission of vibrations from the cords to the solidbody.

I made some research because i want to have a good quality for this guitar parts. But it appears quickly to me that it's a expensive part of the electric guitar when you are looking for quality (hipshot, Babizs,...).

Then a found the Tight End R fixed brige which seems to be good, it also have a good style but i didn't find reviews about this fixed bridge.. I just want to be sure that it's a good item before tu purchase one.

does anyone know this item and can give me his opinion.about it.

Thanks a lot in advance for your answers.

Best regards,


Tight End R.jpg

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I did some research for my refinish project. From what I could find, new Tight End R bridges are only available through Ibanez (your local supplier might be able to order for you). Only in cosmo black and prices seem to be in the $110-$150 range.

Ebay and Reverb prices are cheaper. Also only cosmo black. Used, new or 'fallen off a truck' I don't know. Prices around $80.

It's supposed to look like a trem, so for a hardtail it's kinda big. My hands-on experience is just 10 minutes in a store. But it did feel nice. The reactions I can find online seem to agree: it works and is comfortable. Ibanez puts these on Premium, Prestige and J. Custom guitars so it can't be rubbish. 

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