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read a really good post on building a les paul...

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I know many here are members over at "other" forums and what-not... but for those who may not have seen it:

I read what is a very interesting and detailed thread on building a les paul by a guy who is considered by some to be "the man" - bartlett (link below).  I have a lp in my future and while I don't think I'll go thru the effort to make it period correct or anything... there most certainly are some really good ideas and excellent points of interest about them there.  so... if you have a problem, and you can find them... maybe you can hire the A-team, I guess?



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That's a really good thread. Love the workshop, functional yet cosy, just needs a little wood burner in the corner. 

There is another member on mylespaul, Canadian chap and he has a youtube channel, Freddys Frets, where he builds a load of 59' les pauls, I think the series is called Building Les Pauls, really informative with lots of detail. He's just started a new series where he's building a batch of double cuts which I'm looking forward to.

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will have to go look that up.  the thing that stands out with bartlett is his fretboard.  that thing looks exactly like an old fb.  pores are all open and it's got a petina.  really want to do that on a guitar.  anywho, thanks for the link.

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