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DIY Explorer Build Video Series

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Good vids @DannyR

Maybe crank up the voice volume a bit (invest in a lapel mic), but otherwise keeping it real and showing any mistakes along the way as you have done is generally respected.

It'd be nice to see more hand tool usage, for example on the neck shaping. This would probably give some better consistency to the overall neck depth too rather than just using the belt and hand sander. It's quite rewarding as well and much easier on the lungs.

Make sure you wear the right safety gear or the comments will be full of PPE protesters rather than people keen to chat about your build.

Good luck!

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I came, I watched.  It's interesting to see how dif we all do things.  lots of dif ways to skin the cat.

afa tips... don't have much to offer but I will say, it was hard to keep interest watching you sand for so long.  You might consider editing and speeding parts like that up.  Then again, I barely can keep my attention when i'm doing that let alone watching someone else!

also, I could watch a 30min video of those woods.  very soothing!  reminds me of where I'm from... a long ways from the city. 



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