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Pink floyd tribute

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I like it though the inlay along the body is a bit loud for me - I'd have stopped at the 24th. You could have the white line carrying on over the truss rod and have another wave where the PRS sig normally is though, that would look 👌I'd have the headstock ebony to match the board too.

Cool idea

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That is pretty great, being from Annapolis MD (home of PRS) it seems no one local ever customizes a PRS finish in an interesting way. They are like sacred here or something. If I was rich I'd commission this from you, sadly I am not.

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I think that looks pretty class, the dark body against the bright colours really suits it.  I agree the collar needs to match the cuff...ahermmm 

If you wanted to get a bit closer to pink Floyd style sound maybe some P90’s?   They’re closer to the single coil sound aren’t they?  I’ve never played them myself so can’t be sure.

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