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Quick Neck through question

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Just now, ADFinlayson said:

It’s not, I’m going to be making a neckthrough bass soon  from a 1-piece limba blank then glueing 2 wings on for the body. Obviously it’s better if your neck blank is quarter sawn. Otherwise you could stick a carbon rod either side of the truss if you’re worried 

Cool, thanks. So I guess it’s mainly an issue of aesthetics and tradition. 

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as ad said... the main reason on a 6 string is it looks cool! 

laminates have recently become more popular on 6 strings because you can build a really thin neck and still have something rigid.  ibanez for instance.  they build a lot of really low profile necks (the wizard) which over the years have become prone to stress cracks and even breaking... so  lot of their guitars are now 7pc lams with a central wenge strip.  (not necc even neck thru)

if you were doing a 7+ string guitar, extended scale guitar (baritone) or a 4+ string bass you'd have more reasons to do it because of the stresses those necks endure, but it's really a design choice you have to make.  I think you could probably build an 8 string guitar neck out of pine and it's not going to explode upon puttings strings on... however how it looks in 20 years might be a dif story.

as I understand mahog is the least prone to issues with warping, but it is not all that rigid to begin with.  I have read that sapele is more rigid... but more prone to warp... would love to hear what the veterans here have to say about that tho.

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