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Jackson King V KV1 size/measurements

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Im new to the forum, i would like to ask you guys if you can share the dimensions of the KV1 please.
Its for a custom project and i can't find any information anywhere, i've been looking for it about 2 weeks nonstop and barely get any info.
All i got was some blueprints that show only the V shape that were already sold since they were 10 limited bp's.
I have this picture where i found in other forum related to the dimensions of it, but its from a big red.
And also, are the new king V's the same size has the old ones?

Thank you

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I don't know the dimensions of that guitar... but if you know the scale length... and how to photoshop...

go use the fretboard maker they have here on this forum and make a fretboard to that scale, then bring in the image of that guitar and the fretboard image to a photoshop project.  lighten the opacity on the fingerboard and overlay it with the image.  then scale up the image till it matches the fretboard frets.  you may have to rotate the image of the guitar to match the fretboard. 

I've done this many times and it is all I did to build my avatar guitar.  there was no drawing available for that shape so I just used a good head on image and fretboard overlay.  there will be minor amounts of distortion depending on any angle to the image but it can be extremely accurate. 

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thank you for replying, is there any example of what you just said that i can see?

i would also like to know about the new KV model, is the same size in every aspect of the old KV1?

because that blueprint we can purchase easily. just the holes for the kahler are the problem here.

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I don't like to post things that could get the forum hassled.  there is a reason you won't find too many us sites making blueprints available.  also, at full size my drawings tend to be a gig or more.  here is a link to a thread where I post a guitar design I made using the same basic techniques but not full size:

here's a link to fret2find for building fretboards: http://www.projectguitar.com/fretfind2d/  with this tool you can create a full pdf/image of any fretboard size.  if you can work with images, it is pretty straight fwd to lay one on top of the other and then change the opacity of the one so that you can see the other below it.  from there you just rotate your picture to get it close to lining up, then scale the image and get it close to size.  then small adjustments to both until they align.

I will tell you that if you hunt around on google for "jackson king v" plan you can find them and even free (elec herald) - i can't verify how accurate they might be.  I know nothing about the KV1... can't verify it's dimensions compared to that.

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