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Early Gibson LP 1960 reissue?

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The inspiration for the guitars I'm making came from Les Pauls I saw with a natural finish. But I have Googled and found no trace of them. I'm wondering if they were 1960 Reissues or Historics or whatever...What was this guitar?

I think it was around 1994 but it might have been 2000+

In Park Music, Perth WA I saw Gibson Les Pauls with clear finish and "1960" on the pickguard. It had the narrow binding that revealed the maple top in the cutaway. There was an explanation about the clear finish - Back in the 1960's A big shop in the US reckoned Gibson weren't doing the sunburst properly and asked for shipments to come un-finished. Gibson responded saying they had to put a finish on as it was illegal not to and agreed to let them out of the factory with a clear finish

I'm sure I saw these LP's in other shops and they may have had various other finishes. I'm wondering if they were Custom Shop jobs or not. Did they have long neck tenons? all that kind of jazz

Does anyone remember them? Any comments appreciated

cheers, Doug


Here's two I've made


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Ah-huh! - I did more Googling and found what I was looking for. I thought I would just post this up for any readers in the future. I can't find any with the natural finish but they were Les Paul Classics



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