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goofing round... feedback?

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I've seen worse. What I liked here was the tranquil camera work. No rapid zooming or other nerve wrecking gimmicks for me, thank you! Also the music seemed to tell the same story as the video. Not a masterpiece but very pleasant to watch.

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50 minutes ago, ADFinlayson said:

I like that lead tone, reminds me of Greg Howe's sound 

thank you ad.  I actually thought it was sort of 'carlos'.  I recently got a triaxis and have been struggling to dial it in.  Still needs some work but admittedly I didn't spend enough time setting levels here either.

w no cab sim... the triaxis tends to be a bit harsh and my podhd - can't run cab w/o amp so... now I need a new fx processor!  I have actually been looking at my crazy pedal collection going "I almost never use that vintage boss dm-2 or that h&k rotosphere... I could do w/o those".  So probably do some pedal videos in the near future... could use the practice anyway.

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