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Martin Streetmaster......

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I have one, a 000-15M. Looks like this: https://www.martinguitar.com/guitars/15-series/000-15m-streetmaster/

I'm wondering if anyone can guess at the process. My guess is that the burst effect is a selective black transparent lacquer spray, and that the satin top coat is some kind of polymer. What I'm wondering is when/how the light "wear and tear" is done.... chemical? What kind?



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9 hours ago, oscarvan said:

Yeah but the worn area seem more "yellow" than the (red) mahogany itself....It's got a, for lack of a better term, "bleached" look to it....

Who knows, maybe they've stained the whole guitar "yellow" or amber or any of that sort before applying the actual colour and finish? From Crimson guitars I've learned that they use a yellow or pink base stain for accentuating the blue main stain, something that sounds very odd at first thought but it really works. They use spirit based stain for the base so it won't blend with the water based stain spread over it.

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