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Skunk Stripe


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I'm building a neck out of some soft'ish wood (korina). I don't want to laminate the neck because I don't want the middle strip running through the headstock. What I'm considering doing is gluing in an ebony piece similar to a skunk stripe. Hopefully, that will help with the dual action rod pushing on it and give it a little more stiffness. I'll also be using carbon rods but they obviously won't help with the truss rod pushing against the thin area of the neck.

Any reason why this wouldn't work. Would it weaken the neck, make it stronger, make no difference - why bother, ... ? If you don't know and wish to post an opinion anyway, that's fine - just please note that in your reply. I really don't want to screw this neck up.



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what about a 3 peice neck with a scarf joint head stock? wouldn't that be easier then trying to roud a skunk stripe end to match the rouded end of the rout for the skunk stripe?

just an option / opinion, never done a skunk stripe myself, only 3 peice necks for me :D

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