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STAGG guitars?

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hi readers!! B)

i just want to know if anyone knows something about these gitars...

are they GOOD or BAD guitars ?

i want to know about the quality,sound,handling etc...

if you know something about these guitars dont hesitate to write me something..

thanks a lot!!! :D

Rock on see you!!! :D

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STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am deadly serious

if you want a guitar where the neck can bend pretty much so far that it touches the body :D

a "metal" decal that falls off

pickups that sound like poo

everything falling apart

wood that i suspect is actually made from plastic

and everything is so horrible

"heres a new idea , the amazing modulating guitar...play a note, play it again and its totally different!!!"

waste of money, waste of time, and a waste of the poor children who had to work their fingers bloody in some "guitar sweatshop" for $0.02 a day


######rant over#######

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