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Not quite the same thing...


If you don't recognize the name "Ultrasonic", you might remember seeing them. They are pretty hard to miss, with the huge, white "U" printed right smack in the middle of the pickup...

I believe they're active, but I'm not sure.

I think I may have to convince him to go with EMG's instead.


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Can't answer your question, but I remember them. I think that one kirk hammet poster that Wes mentioned once had them. I think it was a Tom Anderson guitar. Or maybe I'm getting mixed up memory visions of it. They didn't have any exposed pole-pieces, and looked like an EMG, with that Big white U on them.

Going to go look up an old ad for them right now........

Ok, found an ad in a December '87 'Guitar Player' mag.

Ultrasonic reference series guitar pickups

MICO Trading LTD

2435 East North Street, Suite 135

P.O. Box 7016

Greenville, SC 29606

telephone (803) 235-2101

Guitar in the ad is the Tom Anderson, so I could be all wrong about that Kirk H poster having this same looking guitar.

I REALLY doubt they are still in business, and I doubt you would find any useful info by contacting any of the info I wrote above, but I wrote it just in case.

You mentioning these pickups brings back old memories for me, because I remember seeing the ad back in the 80's when they came out, and I had planned on buying some. But I stayed broke for years, so it never happened.

The reason I wanted them is because of what their ad says:

" With so many different models available, how do you choose the right pickup for today and tomorrow ? Simple, just listen to the ULTRASONIC REFERENCE SERIES. Ultrasonic's FLAT frequency response will produce ANY sound you want, whenever you want it. The REF's unparalleled tonal transparency and dynamic sensitivity give it "active power" without batteries and TRUE single coil sound without the noise. So why be confused ? ULTRASONIC pickups make the difference ! "

LOL !!!!! Sound like the biggest load of crap I ever heard, now that I'm 35. But I guess I believed every damn word of it at 19.

The bridge PU in the ad is bucker sized, so I wonder if that one has "true single coil sound " too. Oh wait a minute ! they sound like whatever you want them to sound like. :D


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