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All my gear for sale - job lot


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Hi all

its a sad day for me. I’ve had a bit of a nightmare year. Lots of highs too but also a few things that went south and mean I won’t be building any more. Which means I have a load of gear that is taking up room that could be best used for other things. 

So, I’m advertising the whole lot. I don’t really want the hassle of splitting and listing on eBay so thought i’d offer at rock bottom price here. 

All in great condition. I’ll list the major parts here but I’ve amassed all sorts over the years and it will all be included. Ok, here goes. 


Pillar drill with fret press

band saw with loads loads of spare blades

spindle sander

belt and disc sander

fret slotting jig plus saw with depth guide

Router sled for thicknessing

fret files

nut slotting tools

fret nippers

japanese file saw

Assorted chisels, saws and files

Various acrylic templates including Strat and prs as well as pickup and trem etc.

There is a whole bunch of other stuff but too much too list. It’s all going to the buyer, along with woods. I have a few neck blanks, body blanks, some nice book matches tops and a set for an acoustic that includes kerfing, bridge and nut blanks. 

Theres also a bunch of knobs, electronics and bridges, tuners and so on. Most of it is new. Some schaller and hipshot. Plus a number of pickups including EMG and Ibanez. 

Essentially all the tools you need to unpack and start building. 

I cant use this now and I’d rather have the space so make me reasonable offer. You’ll need to collect from frome in Somerset. 


Thanks all and thanks to the pg folks for the site  I e had a blast here and my guitar of the month win was a personal highlight    


Luckily i I can still play!


ill add photos in a couple of days


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