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Les Pual Refinish- All at once or neck and body


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Is it a bolt on neck?

If so then do it seperatley, othewise I'd do them both at once. If there are no neck join issues to be fixed.

Pics always help with advice.

Just a thought, if its a Gibson or guitar of value, the damage your doing to its resale maybe substantial. Your guitar and your decision but at least research that. I know when I have time that I can afford to have it down by black studio will become lockness green.

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its a straight restore, nothing new being done to it, except a new neck pickup, as it was lacking one when i got it. most of the damage is on the headstock, it needs to binding, a new custom triangle inlay, and its missing a headstock "ear". the neck also needs new binding and a refret. the binding on the body was slightly damaged, but i was able to sand out most things. there is some pitting from the heat i presume, but i will get some filler and fill those small holes. the guitar was a black beauty, and i was hoping for some nice grain underneath, but no such luck, average maple top that would have looked nice, but it had some nasty brown streaks in it. so black it gets.

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